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Xiaolin Showdown Fanfiction AND Fanart

For both XS Writers and Artists

12/19/13 08:01 pm - themonsterer - "Red."


Gardening. To Tohomiko Kimiko, it was for a long period far too feminine a hobby to take on, it didn't come into the picture. No one suggested it to her, who would, the girl who kicked and lifted chairs when she acted out? When she was chosen to become the Dragoness Element of Fire, she found herself torn between two convincing arguments: avoiding it out of fear of burning the pure-looking, harmless colorful plants to a crisp if she dared touch them, and desiring, deeply, to defy Omi and his blatant, ignorant—if the rare childishly honest sort—sexism. She is twenty-two. Omi, wherever he is, whatever is he up to, now, he is twenty-one. Raimundo Pedrosa is also twenty-two, and, according to her calender, Clay Bailey's birthday has recently passed, making him as always the eldest of their quartet at twenty-four. He was sixteen, and she fifteen when they first met. Doesn't he attend a rodeo without fail every time an important date comes up back home? Texans and their traditions.

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10/26/07 07:28 pm - muniyeka - Xiaolin Showdown FANART

 Woot, I finally joined an XS all-around anything-goes community.   Go me!   

I bring you ART.  :DDDD

10/30/06 02:35 am - pyro_nightmare - Challenge!

Okay, here is a challenge. Woot! First post besides the maintainer!

This challlenge is for either Fanfiction-ers or Fanartists. Or maybe both? *hopeful look* Lj-cut for a slightly twisted mind. Nothing drastic.. just strange...
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So, anyone up for taking on my little challenge? >=D

10/29/06 09:51 pm - chaotic_chocobo - Questions!!!!!!!!!

This is the Post to ask any and all Questions. I'll try to answer as soon as I can.
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