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About XS_Fiction

Hello and Welcome!

This is the Community for any and all that relates to Xiaolin Showdown Fanfiction AND Fanart. If you have any Fanfiction or Fanart, no matter what the pairing, or even if there isn't a pairing involved. You can post from Stories, elaborate drawings, to drabbles, or just doodles. And, If you have an idea that you want to see, but don't want to do the work yourself for whatever reason, You can post it as a Challenge, and maybe someone will take it up and do it.

~ Rules ~

Yes, every community has rules, some are commonsense, but placed here just incase.

1. Ratings

Titles are not nessesary. However, Ratings are. I don't care how you rate them (PG, K+, Teen, Mature, R) BUT THEY MUST BE CLEAR WHAT THEY ARE RATED. We don't need to go break any kiddies brains, nor do we want their parents mad at us.

2. LJ- Cuts

Any kinds of works (both Fanfiction and Fanart) are to be place uder Lj-cuts. If you don't know how, Put < lj-cut > (erase spaces between < and >) then put < /lj-cut > when you're you finished.

3. Pairings.

Ah yes, Pairings. Almost everyone has a couple of favorites. You don't have to say who the couple is, (cause I know some of you like to suprise us) but please, atleast say if it's het (meaning it's girl/guy) or Yuri (girl/girl) or Yaoi (male/male). Agian, we don't want to break the minds of the younger ones, or have other mad.

4. NO FLAMING/Senseless and harmful criticzing.

Constructive Crticzing is okay, it help us learn from our mistakes. But Flames just hurts and make writers and artists alike want to stop. If you post and don't want any criticism at all, just say so. And If they say so, don't critize. Just say "Nice art work" ore soemthing or don't comment at all. Like the old saying goes, "If you have nothing good to say, don't say anything at all."

5. Beta'ing.

This rule is mostly for Fanfiction. To my knowlege, there is a Beta community just for Xiaolin Showdown. They'll probally help you out. If you don't want a beta, but don't have a word processor that checks for spelling mistakes, Fanfiction.net has one to download for free. And if you don't/can't download. Send it to me. I'll do it for ya. But I warn you, I only spell check and proof read, and I am dismal at grammer myself.

6. Questions.

The First Post for this Community is for any Questions that may not be clear. REad through the comments, and if your question isn't answered there, Comment yourself. (I won't yell at you though even if you guys ask the same question multiple times.)

7. OC's, AU, and all that fun stuff.

Yes, OC's are allowed. But like Ratings and such, please put the fact that your OC is a Major Character. Alternate Universes are greatly welcomed, So aren't Crossovers. To be short, ANYTHING and EVERYTHING is welcomed. But plelase put a note saying AU or Crossover. Some of us get kinda confused....

Alright, enough rules. Go have fun!